Jacqueline Moore elected President of National Civility Center

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : (Washington, July 20, 2018) New President of National Civility Center Says “Sense of Urgency” Drives Her Mission To “Help Catalyze Needed Shift In Society.”

Today, The National Civility Center announced that Jacqueline Moore, is the newly elected President for National Civility Center.

“It is with great excitement and a sense of urgency that I begin service as board president of National Civility Center,” Moore said. “We aspire to help catalyze a needed shift in our society, a turning back toward one another, a remembering that we are interdependent and that we need one another to thrive. I am honored to work with an extraordinary group of international leaders in Civility and stakeholders and communities around the world. We are on a mission”.

Well known as the President and Founder of Kindness Community, and has said, “Kindness is the heart of Civility. It is the expression of an urging in our hearts to be present, and to help another, or others.”

Moore is taking over the role of President from Kent Roberts, one of Civility Center’s original founders. Roberts served the Civility Center for almost 2 decades and the organization is happy to say that he remains on as Treasurer, Board member, and Past President.

Jacqueline joins the all volunteer executive team which also includes Executive Director Lew Bayer, who is also CEO of Civility Experts Inc. Bayer issued a statement welcoming Jacqueline to the National Civility Centre’s all volunteer executive team, saying “The Civility Center Board is thrilled to have Jacqueline join our team. Her personal values, experience and life-long pursuit of civility align perfectly with the Civility Center mandate and it is our pleasure and a privilege to work with her to help restore civility to society.”

More About Jacqueline Moore

Jacqueline Moore is a former mayor of the City of North Port, FL, Moore, a seasoned corporate and community leader, trainer, speaker, and author. She is also the Founder and President The Power & Light Co., LLC. She spent nearly 3 decades as a coach and trainer, providing leadership development and strategic planning to clients worldwide, including not-for-profit capacity-building and spearheading community programs. Moore founded Kindness Community in late 2016, with a clear vision to create social change that makes kindness a way of life. Kindness Community’s principles were adopted by local governments, the school district, civic groups, and individuals, who signed kindness pledges by the thousands. In addition to her work with the Civility Center, she also serves on the Board of Directors of Goodwill Manasota in Southwest Florida. Her new book, Kindness: The Heart of Civility, is due for release in 2019, via Propriety Publishing.

More About The Civility Center

Our Vision is a civil world, where individuals, organizations, and communities exist cohesively and thrive while operating in mutually beneficial relationships that are in service of each other and their relevant societies.

Our Mission is to be the catalyst for conversation about civility in society and to provide leadership, resources, and tools that empower and enable individuals and organizations to be civility champions in their communities.


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