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About the Civility Center

Welcome to a Civil World

The Civility Center envisions a civil world, where individuals, organizations, and communities exist cohesively and thrive while operating in mutually beneficial relationships that are in service of each other and their relevant societies.

Our Vision

We believe that Civility makes the world better, and the Civility Center serves everyone interested in making Civility a way of life.

Our Mission

To be a global influencer and resource for choosing Civility in all contexts.

National Civility Center Board of Directors

Name Role Email
Lewena Bayer Executive Director lew@civilitycenter.org
Jacqueline Moore President jacqueline@civilitycenter.org
Kent Roberts Treasurer, Board Member and Founder kent@civilitycenter.org
Beth Crookham  Board Member  beth@civilitycenter.org
Dr. Karen Beard Board Member dr.beard@civilitycenter.org
 Olen Juaraz-Lim  Board Member  olen@civilitycenter.org

Advisory Board

Anjali Handa
Jay Newman

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